How to Install your Nexus Repository 2 License

Visit for documentation on Nexus Repository version 2.

How to Install a Nexus Repository Pro 2.x License

To install a binary Nexus Repository Pro 2.x license bring up the UI in a web browser.  The default URL for Nexus is:


You'll see the trial activation screen below:



Click on the "Already have a license?" link.  This will take you to the license installation screen:



Now click on the "Already have a license file?" link:


Click on "browse...", locate your license file, then click "Install".  You'll be presented with the EULA dialog:


Click on "I Agree", and your license will be installed.  You'll be taken to the home page of the server.  You can log in with the default username and password, "admin/admin123".

After logging in you can verify your license by clicking on the "Licensing" link under "Administration" in the left hand navigation:



In some rare cases you may experience problems installing your license via the UI. You can also try a more advanced command line alternative.

Looking for Nexus Repository 3.x License Install Instructions?

Nexus 3 ships as a single binary which contains both free and pro customers.  To activate the licensed features in Nexus 3 follow these instructions:

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    Should probably mention about uninstalling any evaluation licenses as the user will be presented with a different set of screens.

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