Nexus Repository 2 Pro Trial Edition vs. Nexus Repository 2 Professional Full Edition

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What are the differences and similarities between Nexus Repository 2 Pro Trial and Nexus Repository 2 Professional?

The Nexus Repository 2 Professional Trial edition is intended to quickly introduce a new user to Nexus Repository 2 Professional features and demonstrate value with limited overhead and learning curve.

The trial edition is not recommended as a long-term option. If you decide to purchase a Nexus Repository 2 Professional license, we suggest migrating or replacing your trial configuration with Nexus Repository 2 Professional full edition.

A trial license will work and can be requested from all Nexus Repository 2 Professional editions, should you wish to evaluate with the full version instead of the trial edition.

Nexus Repository 2 Professional full edition includes all supported features out of the box. Nexus Repository 2 Professional Trial edition may include only a subset of these features.

The trial edition helps avoid:

  • installing additional software, like a Java Virtual Machine, before running Nexus Repository 2
  • provisioning a server machine to host Nexus just to try it out
  • using unfamiliar command line tools to control Nexus Repository 2
  • pre-configuring Nexus Repository 2 settings to try important Pro features
  • creating a specific operating system user to run Nexus Repository 2

The trial edition includes:

  • an easy UI wizard-based install process
  • preconfigured repository configuration and settings which simplify trying key features
  • a feature walkthrough guide with working example projects
  • some resource intensive features removed
  • a Java runtime that can be used if one is not currently installed

The trial edition is packaged as a platform-specific installer executable. It uses Install4j process management, not Java Service Wrapper. Other noticeable differences from the full edition are:

  • log file locations and rotation settings
  • how properties to the JVM are adjusted
  • how Nexus Repository 2 is started and stopped


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