How to Reset Nexus Logging Configuration

Several important aspects of Nexus logging configuration are not automatically modified when you upgrade Nexus. These are:

  • default logger levels
  • logging appender pattern
  • modifications to log rotation in logback-nexus.xml

When you are upgrading from a previous Nexus 2.x version, we advise to reset your entire logging configuration manually, in order to pick up changes in our recommended logging settings.

Resetting logging configuration requires a manual process:

  1. Make note of any custom log rotation changes you may have made in the past inside of ${NEXUS_WORK}/conf/logback-nexus.xml
  2. Stop Nexus
  3. Navigate on the file system to the ${NEXUS_WORK} configuration directory - typically this is sonatype-work/nexus/conf/.

    Delete these files:

    • logback-nexus.xml
    • logback-overrides.xml ( Nexus 2.7 and greater )

    All of these files were originally created by Nexus and will be recreated as needed on Nexus restart.

  4. Start Nexus. On startup, Nexus will recreate any logging configuration files automatically using the default recommended configuration.
  5. (Optional) Review log rotation settings inside of ${NEXUS_WORK}/conf/logback-nexus.xml and edit these settings if they do not meet your needs.

For more information about Nexus logging, refer to the Nexus logging Guide.

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