How to Reset Nexus Repository 2 Logging Configuration

Visit for documentation on Nexus Repository version 2.

Several important aspects of Nexus Repository 2 logging configuration are not automatically modified when you upgrade Nexus Repository. These are:

  • default logger levels
  • logging appender pattern
  • modifications to log rotation in logback-nexus.xml

When you are upgrading from a previous Nexus Repository 2 version, we advise you to reset your entire logging configuration manually, in order to pick up changes in our recommended logging settings.

Resetting the logging configuration requires a manual process:

  1. Make note of any custom log rotation changes you may have made in the past inside of ${NEXUS_WORK}/conf/logback-nexus.xml
  2. Stop Nexus Repository 2
  3. Navigate on the file system to the ${NEXUS_WORK} configuration directory - typically this is sonatype-work/nexus/conf/.

    Delete these files:

    • logback-nexus.xml
    • logback-overrides.xml ( Nexus Repository 2.7 and greater )

    All of these files were originally created by Nexus and will be recreated as needed on Nexus restart.

  4. Start Nexus Repository 2
  5. On startup, Nexus Repository 2 will recreate any logging configuration files automatically using the default recommended configuration.
  6. (Optional) Review log rotation settings inside of ${NEXUS_WORK}/conf/logback-nexus.xml and edit these settings if they do not meet your needs.

For more information about Nexus Repository 2 logging, refer to the Nexus Logging Guide.

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