Upgrade From Nexus Repository 2 Pro Trial to Nexus Repository 2 Professional Full

Visit my.sonatype.com for documentation on Nexus Repository version 2.

Nexus Repository 2 Pro Trial Edition is not intended to be used in production.

The basic procedure for upgrading from the Nexus Repository 2 Pro Trial edition to the official Nexus Repository 2 Professional full customer bundle is:

  1. Open the Sonatype Repository 2 Pro Trial Control Panel
  2. Record the full path of the Work directory - the second item on the Control Panel. Click on the directory link to open your file browser and copy the full path.
  3. Make sure the Status reads STOPPED. Use the Stop Button on the Nexus Repository 2 Control Panel to stop Nexus Repository 2 Pro Trial Edition.
  4. In case something goes wrong with the upgrade, backup the Work directory sub-directory conf.

    Also backup these Work sub-directories if they exist:
    • db
  5. Download, and unpack the official Nexus Repository 2 Professional full bundle.
  6. Change the nexus-work property inside of the newly extracted ./nexus-professional-{version}/conf/nexus.properties file to point to the full path of the trial edition Work directory you copied earlier.

    Change any backslashes ( \ ) in the copied file path to forward slashes ( / ), even on Windows.
  7. Start the newly extracted Nexus Repository 2 Professional installation. It should reuse the Work directory from the trial installation and perform any Nexus configuration file upgrades automatically.
  8. Open your web browser to http://localhost:8081/nexus and verify the configuration is operating as expected.

    If you have installed Nexus Repository 2 as the same user the trial installation was installed with, you will not have to reinstall the Nexus Repository 2 license.

    Optionally examine the Nexus Repository 2 log file for any errors on startup.
  9. Uninstall the original Nexus Repository 2 Professional trial installation using the Uninstall button on the Nexus Repository Control Panel.

    When prompted with the question "Would you like to delete the Nexus working data?", DO NOT select Yes.
    This is the default.

    Continue with the trial uninstall process until complete.
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