Solving NuGet Query Performance Problems in Nexus Repo 2

Symptom: You're experiencing very slow performance from NuGet searches in Visual Studio or using the NuGet Package Explorer


Check the size of the sonatype-work/nexus/nuget/odata.h2.db file.  If it is very large (as in over 1Gb) then you will likely see poor performance when searching for NuGet components.  The typical cause for large size is having a "download nuget feed" task scheduled for your proxy repository with "fetch all versions" enabled, over time this can cause the NuGet database to grow to where it causes performance problems.

This task is no longer necessary in version 2.10.x and later.    If you have this task, remove or disable it, and then rebuild the NuGet database.

To rebuild the NuGet database, follow the steps in the below article:
If you're still experiencing problems after performing the above procedure then please contact our support team.
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    Michael Gingell (suspended)

    Thanks for this!  I was starting to get lots of complaints from users....

     - Mike

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