NuGet Performance Issue - Action Recommended

Visit for documentation on Nexus Repository version 2.

As of Nexus Repository version 2.10.0, the "Download NuGet Feed" scheduled task is no longer needed for NuGet proxy repositories.  Newer versions of Nexus Repository 2 dynamically delegate incoming queries to remote  repositories and cache the results.  Consequentially, Sonatype stopped adding the "Download NuGet Feed" task to Nexus Repository configurations in version 2.10.0, and the 2.10.0 release notes recommend removing this task.

Unfortunately, we still often see customer configurations that have this task running.

The negatives associated with this task for both end users and the NuGet ecosystem are significant:

  • It puts a high load on the main NuGet repository at
  • Over time it causes size of the NuGet h2 database in Nexus Repository instances to grow so large that queries become very slow

Sonatype strongly recommends that Nexus Repository 2 users who make use of NuGet repositories take the following actions:

  1. Upgrade to the latest version of Nexus if you are running a version of Nexus prior to 2.10.0
  2. Remove or disable any "Download NuGet Feed" tasks currently configured under "Administration/Scheduled Tasks" in the Nexus UI

If you have been running this scheduled task on a regular basis you should also follow the instructions in this article: Solving NuGet Query Performance Problems

Sonatype will be deprecating and disabling this task in the upcoming Nexus Repository 2.11.3 release.

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