How to restrict access to Nexus by IP Address

Nexus uses the Jetty container and Jetty provides a handler that can be used to restrict access by IP addresses and subnets.

Attached is a sample jetty config file that allows you to configure the IP Access Handler using Nexus 2.8+.

To configure it:

  • Download and store the file at NEXUS_HOME/conf/jetty-ipaccess.xml, with the same permissions as the other jetty files
  • Edit NEXUS_HOME/conf/jetty-ipaccess.xml, add white listed and blacklisted addresses using the syntax as documented in the javadoc. By default, all access is allowed
  • Edit NEXUS_HOME/bin/jsw/conf/wrapper.conf, and reference the new jetty file as an app parameter ie ( 3 by default, however the next available number must be used )
  • restart Nexus
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