How to configure HSTS in Nexus Repository 2


What is HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)?

HSTS is a standard intended to encourage web browsers to only transmit requests securely using https to a given host name. This feature can prevent accidental transmission of sensitive data to a plain http endpoint at the same host name by web browsers which support it.

Build tools do not typically support HSTS, however they will not break either if the server sends indication that the server supports it.

Enabling HSTS in Repository 2.15.0 or Newer

When TLS connections are terminated by Repository directly through Eclipse Jetty configuration, HSTS is already enabled by default.

If you are terminating HTTPS connections to Repository using a reverse proxy, you must configure your reverse proxy to enable or disable HSTS. Instructions for doing that are beyond the scope of this article. 

How to Disable HSTS in Repository 2.15.0 or Newer

  1. Edit /conf/
  2. Add a line containing
  3. Save the file and restart Repository 2.

How To Enable HSTS in Repository 2.14.21 or Older

Older versions of Repository 2 using Eclipse Jetty 8. In those versions, HSTS is not available through Jetty.

Use a reverse proxy server in front Repository if you require HSTS.

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