Sonatype Product Support FAQ

What support resources are available?

We have a comprehensive list of support resources at .

Product licensees also include priority technical support from 8am to 8pm Eastern time via our support ticketing system.

How do I file a request for product support?

You have two options:

  1. Send an email from your registered support contact email account to
  2. Login to the support site to open or manage your support tickets from our web interface.

When submitting a support request please supply complete information.  See here for instructions:

Support Ticket Best Practices

What are the business hours of support?

We offer official support from 8am to 8pm US eastern time Monday to Friday.  Support outside of these hours is done on a best effort basis.

Do you have a 24x7 support option?

Yes. Extended 24x7 support is available for purchase through your account representative.

If you have purchased this option, follow these instructions to file an extended support request.

How many support contacts can my organization have?

Companies with regular support are allowed two named support contacts. Customers with extended support are allowed three named support contacts.

How do I add or change support contact information for my account?

An up-to-date support contact list will help us serve your better.

An existing registered support contact should open a ticket to request changes to your contacts.

For each new support contact, we need:

  • first and last name
  • valid organizational email address

Can I have a generic support account, accessible by multiple people in my organization?

We prefer one individual per support account.

However, we can make exceptions if warranted. Please open a ticket requesting this.

What are the official support policies?

Our official support policies can be found here.

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