Sonatype Product Support FAQ

What Sonatype product support resources are available?

We have a comprehensive list of support resources, including free options, at

Product licensees authorized support contacts are eligible for technical support via our support ticketing system.

What are the official support policies?

Our official support policies can be found here.

What are the Sonatype product support business hours?

Sonatype will provide Standard technical consultation and advice to Authorized Support Contacts between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday but excluding Sonatype's holidays, regardless of Severity Level. An Extended Support plan is also available for times outside of these hours.

For the latest policies consult the official Software Support Policy. 

Do you have a 24x7 support option?

Yes. Extended 24x7 support is available for purchase through your account representative.

If you have purchased this option, follow these instructions to file an extended support request.

How many support contacts can my organization have?

Companies with regular support are allowed two named support contacts. Customers with extended support are allowed three named support contacts.

How do I open a request for product support?

There are two options:

  1. Preferred: Login to the support site and use a web form.
  2. Send an email from your authorized support contact email account to

The web form is the preferred method because:

  • you will be guided to provide us exactly what we need to help you
  • product selection and topics help us route your ticket to the best team for your issue
  • we can more easily confirm your eligibility for priority support, reducing delays
  • attachment size limits are larger than when sending by email

A support ticket should include:

  • a product support zip from a licensed product
  • an issue summary that describes the overall issue being faced
  • detailed issue description, reproduce steps, questions, and desired outcomes
  • attachments which add further context such as screenshots or compressed text documents

Try to avoid:

  • a ticket describing more than one unrelated problem - instead open one ticket per distinct issue
  • attaching proprietary document types with embedded information such as Office documents ( .doc, docx ) or Microsoft Outlook Item (MSG) files

How do I manage authorized support contacts information for my organization?

Authorized support contacts can go to to manage your organization and contacts.

Here is a short demo of how the site works (take note of section on Support Contacts near the end of the video).

I am having trouble using to manage my authorized support contacts. Can you help me?

We are sorry to hear that. Please open a new ticket at, selecting "Customer Account Change" as the topic.

Can I have a generic support account, accessible by multiple people in my organization?

We prefer one individual per support account.

However, we can make exceptions if warranted. Please open a new ticket requesting this at, selecting "Customer Account Change" as the topic.

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