Sonatype’s User-based License Model FAQ

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Q. How is "User" defined?

A. Sonatype defines "User" to mean an individual for whom a Subscription for the Products must be purchased as required in the End User License Agreement, as follows:  unless otherwise specified in the applicable Ordering Document, a separate Subscription must be purchased for each individual (including all employees, Contractors, and subcontractors of End User and End User’s Affiliates and Contractors) who: (A) produces, consumes, or evaluates one or more software artifacts that is/are stored in or scanned, analyzed or otherwise evaluated by the Sonatype Product, and/or (B) evaluates or in any way uses any Reports generated by the Sonatype Products. Subscriptions cannot be shared or used by more than one User.

Example: If an organization has project teams A and B. with 20 developers on team A, 20 developers on team B, and 10 more Developers that work on both teams, a product license for 50 Users is required.

Q. Where can I find a copy of the standard end user license agreement for Sonatype products?

A. Sonatype End User License Agreement is at

Q. If I want to set up a test Nexus instance, is use of this test instance restricted to the number of licensed Users?

A. Yes.

Q. Does one physical User with both a user token and a username identifier equate to a single licensed user?

A.  Yes.  Individuals, not accounts or sets of credentials, are counted when determining the required number of licensed Users.  

Q. Do anonymous Users (or any use in anonymous mode) require a license?

A. Yes. All Users of Sonatype products require a license regardless of whether such access is anonymous.

 Note: To the extent you still have questions regarding how to accurately count licensed Users, please contact your Sonatype sales representative directly or via .

Q. What happens when my installed product license expires?

A. All functionality ceases except the ability to install a new license and generate a support zip.


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