Support Ticket Best Practices

When submitting a support request to Sonatype it is tremendously helpful if you supply us with diagnostic information from the affected product.  We ask that you supply the following information with your support ticket:

  1. Diagnostic and log files from the affected server
  2. Build logs or screenshots of the client side issue

Failure to supply the needed information often results in unnecessary delays in ticket resolution times.

Getting the us the information we need is easy, see below for instructions for Nexus Repository Manager and Nexus IQ Server.

Nexus Repository Manager 3.x

Go to the administration UI.  Then click on "Support ZIP", and "Create support ZIP":

Nexus Repository Manager 2.x

Go to Administration/Support Tools/Support Zip" in the UI and create a support zip:


Nexus IQ Server

Nexus IQ Server Version 1.27 and Newer

Create an IQ server support zip using the UI

  1. Signin to the IQ Server as a user with the System Administrator role ( ie. example: default admin user ).
  2. Open a new browser tab and enter a URL with options as described below:

    Basic support zip: enter this URL (adjust 'localhost:8070' to your IQ Server hostname[:port]):
    Adding org, app, and policy info: IQ Server version 1.35+, enter a URL plus additional parameter as below:
    The "?includeDb=true" parameter will allow us to recreate your unique policy configuration to aid in troubleshooting policy issues. If you use this option the support zip will include the names of your organizations and applications, and also your policy configuration.

    Avoiding file truncation: For IQ Server version 1.43+, you can also add the URL parameter below:
    Support zip files may become truncated to keep the overall support zip size under 20MB. The "noLimit =true" parameter will prevent truncating large files, which is useful to include entire log files when requested. 

    Combining all parameters:
  3. Save the generated zip file and attach it to your support ticket.

Create an IQ server support zip using curl

  1. Open a command prompt / terminal on a host that has curl installed and can reach your IQ server host.
  2. Execute the following command (adjust 'localhost:8070' to your IQ Server hostname[:port] and admin:admin123 to your real Administrator user username and password ):
    curl -u admin:admin123 -O -J http://localhost:8070/rest/support

    or to include additional debugging information for IQ Server version 1.35+, add the URL parameter below:
    curl -u admin:admin123 -O -J http://localhost:8070/rest/support?includeDb=true
  3. Locate the support zip file saved into the current directory and attach it to your support ticket.

Nexus IQ Server Version 1.26 and Older

Please compress(zip) the following files from the server installation and submit as a ticket attachment:

  • config.yml ( obfuscate any passwords contained in this file before submittal )
  • log/clm-server.log
  • log/request.log


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